For Students

Bulsajo TaeKwonDo Ranking order:

  1. No Belt
  2. White
  3. Yellow
  4. Orange
  5. Light Green
  6. Dark Green
  7. Purple
  8. Light Blue
  9. Dark Blue
  10. Red
  11. Brown
  12. Bodan (1/2 red & 1/2 black) Bodan students test for Stars / Refreshers three times before testing for black. *Bodan is pronounced Bodahn.
  13. Il Dan / Black Belt Level 1 (Going from Bodan to Black Belt is like graduating high school and moving onto college.) *Dan is pronounced Dahn.

Testing for your black belt is the equivalent of graduating high school. Is your training over? Do you know all that there is to know? The answer to both of these questions is No. All training before black belt is preparation for more serious study afterwards. Perfection of technique can take a very long time, especially in today’s fast paced society. This constant training will help to slow life down and give you a consistent form of exercise and self perfection. It will be challenging, more challenging then any training or study thus far. The peaks will be higher and harder to climb and the valleys larger and longer. Always remember that true mastery over technique and or oneself, can take a lifetime.

“Being a Martial Artist, a Black Belt is a way of life.”


Useful downloads

Testing Requirements:

Gup (color belt) requirements = coming soon.

Beginner Terminology & Knowledge = Beginner Term & Know 2017

Intermediate Terminology & Knowledge = Intermediate Term & Know 2017

Advanced Terminology & Knowledge = Advanced Term & Know 2017

Bodan Requirements = coming soon.

Bodan and Dan Terminology & Knowledge = Dan Term & Know 2017 page 1 &  Dan Term & Know 2017 page 2

(All Dahn belts need to know the beginner, intermediate and advanced terminology and knowledge as well)

Dan Requirements = coming soon.

Breaking Technique Quick Sheet = breakingtechs2017


Stripe Sheet for Kids = Stripe Sheet

Dojang Regulations = DojangRegulations

Seven Home Rules for Children = 7HomeRulesForChildren

Demo Team Music = Short Form Music