July 2018 News

Class Cancellations in August 2018 August 16th, 2018 *This day only applies to Parks & Rec students.* A Walk/Marathon event will be held in honor of a young girl from Goffstown who recently passed away.  They will need the building as a base of operations….


7/20/18 Looks like we are in Studio C tonight due to a swim meet. If you are unsure where Studio C is, please ask at the front desk.


Hey, out there Bulsajo students and families!   I am trying to get an idea of who would be interested in having Master Roger Whidden come back to do another seminar with us? Either another straight up TaiChiChuan seminar or a TaiChi Weapons seminar. The…

You Guessed It!

GOFFSTOWN PARKS&REC STUDENTS Classes are canceled for today March 13th 2018, due to weather. Please stay safe and warm. 🙂 Kids remember to help with snow removal 🙂


Classes are a GO for the Parks&Rec today. 3/8/18. As always please use you own judgement. Be safe, be warm. Otherwise you can do both of those in class! 🙂