July News 2022

June Testing Results

June testing went really well and everyone who participated did an awesome job!  We even added two new 1st-degree black belts and one 2nd-degree black belt!  Now I could just say congratulations to everyone, but I thought I would teach everyone the Korean word for victory instead.


Also, I wanted to say Thank You to our instructors and masters who help grade the students at testing.  Great job gentlemen!

Virtual Classes

Starting in August we will no longer be offering virtual classes.  It has worked very well for us, but this last month or so I’ve only had one or two students using them, so I think it’s safe to say we are done with them.  I may keep our zoom account running in case we need it again for class cancelations or virtual events though.

Park & Rec. and Masks

Masks are no longer needed to train at the Parks & Rec., and we are relaxing on other Covid precautions as well.  However, if you wish to wear a mask, you certainly can and no one will stop you or say anything about it.  I do ask that if you or your child feels ill in any way, skip class and stay home.  If you just had Covid and are in the “wear a mask for a week phase”, do exactly that, or better yet, don’t come to class that week.

Please think of others and be better safe than sorry, thank you.


Next month we will start contact sparring for kids!  Sparring will be optional for orange belts and up; however, I highly recommend it for any student who is allowed to do it (no belts to yellow belts are not allowed to do contact sparring).  If you need sparring gear for yourself or your child, please speak with me to ensure you get the proper equipment for our classes.  I have a good amount of sparring gear that has been given back to me, this equipment is free to students in need of gear.

For those of you who have gear that no longer fits, why not give it to me so I can give it to eligible students?  If you have already given me old equipment, thank you!!  You rock!


Our website has been back up and running for a little while now, if you haven’t had a chance to check out its new look and layout please do.  I might be making some small changes to it here and there, but I am pretty happy with it for now.  If you know another student/student’s family who is not part of our mailing list, please let them know to head on over to our main site and sign up.  It’s Free!


We still have some performance hoodies in stock for those who want one.  They are on sale for $25!  Some of you might think these are normal hoodies (sweatshirt material etc), but they are much thinner than a regular hoodie and make a great workout shirt.  Please let me know if you are interested.

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