Important Heads Up

A Heads Up

My apologies for getting this newsletter/post out only now.
I will be wearing a mask in class due to being exposed to Covid last night.  I am feeling fine and have high hopes that I did not catch it… but we all know how this thing can be.    I will test tomorrow and let everyone know the outcome; otherwise, it’s class as normal.  For YMCA students who also may have been exposed, I called and spoke with a parent and or left a message (The YMCA might also contact you).

Speaking of Class

This is the last week of the Summer Session classes at the YMCA.  There will be a long interim during this time.  Sign-ups start August 22nd and the Fall One Session starts September 6th.  This long break is hard on all students, especially children.  So all YMCA students are welcome to come to the Goffstown Parks&Rec on Tuesday or Thursdays for make-up.  

Please Note!  We have only ONE children’s class at the P&R and it is at 5 pm.  The Teen/Adult class starts at 7:30 pm instead of 7 pm.  Also, the P&R does not have AC, so be ready to sweat. 

Obviously, if I test positive and or develop symptoms, classes will be canceled until I am all healed up.  But let us hope that doesn’t happen!

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