The 2022 Costume Contest Winners!

As always, it wasn’t an easy job, but my wife and I picked our favorites.  We have four categories:  scariest, funniest, cutest/coolest, and best group picture. This year, only the winners will be getting prizes and those will be TKD-related (striking targets, uniform, TKD shoes, etc.).  I will be talking with all of the winners and their parents the next time I see them.

Next year we will do a Jack-o-lantern carving contest instead of a costume contest… or maybe in addition?  Guess we’ll see.  Anyhoot, thank you to everyone who participated this year, and congratulations to all the winners!

The winners!

Scariest = The mummy.

Funniest = Banana with a unicorn on its back.

Cutest/Coolest (this one was really hard) = Eleven.

Best group picture = Two ninjas protecting their younger sister from another warrior lol!

The Runner-Ups!

Runners up for scariest
= Ghoul/Death/Ghost of Christmas Future and spooky skeleton.

Runners up for funniest =Person being taken by an alien.

Runners up for cutest/coolest = Mr. Spock, Link, and Raggedy Ann.

Runners up for best group = Death & Link.

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