Classes Canceled… again. :-(

No YMCA Classes Today 1/25/23

Just like last night, I have to cancel classes today/tonight January 25th, 2023.  My apologies everyone, but I need a little more rest. Hopefully, I am good to go for tomorrow and Friday.

Just so we are clear, this is not a Covid situation, but one just as serious for me.  Some of you might remember that years ago, back in 2012, I had Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in my left leg.  This time around, it’s my right leg, maybe it was jealous!  Thankfully we caught it before it got really bad, and the doctor is hopeful that I’ll be fine.

Please be looking for another newsletter, just in case.  Thank you for your understanding and again, my apologies for the missed classes.

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