Tiger An’s Tournament!

U.S. Olympic TKD Championships!

Grandmaster Richard An & family, have invited our school to participate in their annual Poomsae (forms) and Kyuk-pah (breaking) tournament.  This event is great for first-time competitors, as well as those who have more experience.  We would like to have at least 6 competitors from our school and a few black belts to be judges.  

If you are interested, please let me know right away, so we can start to prepare for the tournament ASAP. 

The tournament will be Sunday, May 7th, and held at the University of Lowell.  You can even meet the 2004 Olympic gold medalist, Daesung Moon!!  The demo team competition is always a lot of fun to watch as well!  

In addition to the tournament, Tiger An’s and Daesung Moon are holding a special Olympic TKD Sparring seminar the day before!  So if you want a chance to train with a few champions, that is a great opportunity!  

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