Testing and More for March 2023

March 2023 Testing

Testing is fast approaching and we kicking butt in class getting ready for it! Just a reminder, testing will be held during everyone’s normal class times and locations. In June, I plan on doing our annual outdoor testing at the Goffstown Parks & Rec. which means Poomsae, Sparring, Self-Defense, and Breaking will done on a Saturday. But this testing will be small, so lets just keep it to normal times etc.

Quick reminder for parents and adult students. There is a small fee for testing to cover boards and belts. If you can, please hand that in with the testing forms. You can do cash, check, or use Venmo/Paypal and note what it is for and for who. Color belt testing is $15, while “refresher” testing (bodans and black belts only) is $10. Please and thank you!

Kids Self-Defense Videos:

For Beginner Kids (white belts to orange).

For Intermediate Kids (Orange belts to light blue).

For Advanced Kids (Light blue belts to Brown).

Please note that if a student is intermediate or advanced, they must know the beginner and intermediate techniques as well. For example: Intermediate students must know the beginner techniques in addition to their own. Also, students should be able to perform these techniques on both their right and left sides, when the techniques allows.

U.S. Olympic TKD Championships!
AKA The Tiger An’s Tournament

There is still time to participate in this event! Just let me know and we will get started with your training! We already have a few brave students who interested and starting to train to compete! One note is that this tournament is much bigger then I previously thought it was going to be. But Grandmaster Richard runs a smooth tournament and everyone always have fun. So I believe this will still be a great experience (win or loose) for all who compete and or help out.

Still not sure, no worries, just come and watch. Jumping into competition when you don’t know what to expect can be scary and not for everyone. Best thing to do is to come and watch while you cheer on the competitors. Let me know and I will give the info that you need.

Below are then links needed to sign up for the tournament whether as a competitor, judge/referee, coach, or volunteer. If you want to compete/judge/coach, please speak with me first so I can give you more details.

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