Important Information about the Tournament!

U.S. Olympic TKD Championship Information.

Here is some important information for you all of you who are going to the tournament this weekend.

  • Bring cash. The entrance fee for spectators, food, etc., will be cash only. The entrance fee for spectators is $10 a person.
  • The viewing area for spectators is a 360-degree balcony around the gym/competition floor. There is no seating, so, you are all being encouraged to bring folding chairs/camping chairs so that you can sit if you would like. My apologies folks, I just found this out.
  • Families with children competing in the tournament should try to arrive by 11:30 am. Please remember, white uniforms (color belts) and black belt uniforms only. No shoes while competing.
  • Have a question? Call or text (preferred) at 603-703-1914
  • For more information about viewing the tournament and parking, please watch this video.

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