YMCA Class Update for July 3rd, 2023

Classes are a go for tonight! (July 3rd, 2023)

Hey there folks, I checked in with the YMCA and was told that they are indeed running programs tonight.  So it looks like I will be coming in for classes today. If you are going to miss class, no worries, you can make up class later in the week on Wednesday and or Friday, or come to the Parks & Rec. on Thursday.

My apologies for any confusion, and I hope to see our Monday students later on today and tonight!


Last week’s testing/Outdoor testing was awesome!  Thank you to everyone who was able to come on Saturday.  For those of you who still need to finish testing, that will be done this week in your normal class times.  If for some reason you can make it this week (holiday week), we’ll finish up your testing next week.

Testing results will either be by the end of this week, so some students can finish their testing or next week.  This was a pretty strong testing and everyone did an awesome job!  Thank you for your effort in class and be sure to keep it up! 

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