September Testing 2023

WOW!  Testing is next week!
Just wanted to shoot out the normal reminder that testing will be held at our normal class times and locations.  The entire week is testing, with the following week being make-up testing.  There are not a ton of students testing at either location, so we will not be doing a Saturday testing at the Parks & Rec.  I am hopeful that our December testing will see greater numbers and allow us to hold a fun, big test at the Parks & Rec!

If your child hasn’t earned their gold stripe yet, no worries, I can check their material before class and if they are good to go, I’ll give them their stripe and fill out a testing sheet for them.  If they need a bit more time, no worries either, that is what make-up testing week is for.

Special note for kids who have sparring gear, please bring it next week.

Have a great weekend everyone and see you next week for testing!

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