About Us

Bulsajo TKD is headed by Master Andrew Jefferson who trained under the An Family (Tiger An’s TKD) for many years.  Under them, he holds a 5th-degree black belt in TaeKwonDo.  Bulsajo TKD tries to uphold to the standards of Grandmaster An and his family.

Master Andy has altered the curriculum to fit the training areas of the YMCA, Goffstown Park & Rec, and his own martial arts philosophy. The Bulsajo TKD curriculum is a hybrid of TKD, HapKiDo, Kenpo, boxing, and kick boxing. However, the same quality in teaching is there as is the same great martial arts message. “Martial Art’s makes you a better person!”

The school is based in Goffstown NH at the Goffstown YMCA Allard Center and the Goffstown Parks & Rec. Master Andy also offers private lessons at the Parks & Rec location and at your own home! Our curriculum is the same from one location to the next. Classes consist of a slow to fast-paced warm-up, stretching, basics, forms, sparring, and self-defense.

In addition to our normal curriculum, students 12 and up can also learn how to use weapons! Master Andy has been training in Armored Combat Sports with The Knights Halls for over 5 years and is enthusiastic about sharing his experience. Students in the weapons class get to learn sword & shield, longsword, and polearms weapons.

For more info, please look through our site or contact Master Andy at: Bulsajotkd@gmail.com

Thank you!