School Regulations

Dojang/School Regulations:

PDF Download = DojangRegulations

  1. Respect and obey your master.
  2. Pay homage to the national flag(s).
  3. Respect your elders.
  4. Respect senior students, training instructors/instructors and heed their guidance.
  5. Senior students must teach and guide their juniors with kindness. (anyone who holds a higher rank is a senior).
  6. Act like a lion in uniform and a lamb once out.
  7. Never abuse your skills.
  8. Be always ready to help others.
  9. Trim your fingernails and toenails for your safety as well as others.
  10. Come to class with a clear mind and a neat appearance.
  11. Keep your uniform clean and pressed.
  12. Help keep the dojang clean and organized.
  13. Students must conduct themselves appropriately at all times.
  14. Wear appropriate clothing if you are not wearing your uniform.
  15. Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on-premises.
  16. Refrain from discussing inappropriate topics in class and at dojang.
  17. Do not use any weapons (yours or dojang’s) and other dangerous equipment without Head Instructors or Master’s permission.
  18. Use the dojang’s property as your own with frugality.
  19. Do not steal from other students or dojang.
  20. Pay tuition and fees on time.
  21. Report absences and provide written notice of an absence of one week or more.

The master reserves the right to Expel any student(s) for violation of any of these regulations.