YMCA Classes Canceled 12/5/22

The YMCA Allard Center is closed tonight at the request of the fire department. I am not sure what happened, but during the first kids class the alarm went off, once they were done it was decided to just close for the night. I think it wasn’t anything so serious that there won’t be class on Wednesday. Please be sure to check back, call the Y, or check our page on FB. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

No Class on 11/29 and 11/30

Class Cancelation Notice

I am very sorry for the short notice everyone, but there will be No Class today (11/29) or tomorrow (11/30).  YMCA students can make up the missed class on another day at the YMCA or come to a class at the Parks&Rec.  Students at the Parks&Rec who only come on Tuesdays, you are welcome to make up your missed class on Thursday.  Again, my apologies for the short notice and any inconvenience this may cause.

Testing Reminder

Testing is the week of December 12th and will be held in class with no Saturday testing.  We still have the rest of this week and next week to get ready for the test. Please be sure to be practicing a little extra at home due to the missed classes.  Below are the links to the children’s self-defense techniques in case any of you missed them.

Beginner (for no belts to orange belts)
Intermediate (for orange to light blue belts)
Advanced (for light blue to brown belts)

Upcoming News

In December I will announce when our vacation time will be as well the Black Black Tea Ceremony date for all of our black belts new and old.  I do not think that I will be doing any special events for the rest of this year, but I do have plans to step up our game in the new year with more seminars, special training days, and an awesome TKD Tournament held by Tiger An’s TKD in Lowell, MA.  But more on all of that later, so please be on the lookout.


Everyone, especially those who are planning on testing, has been working really hard and I appreciate that very much.  Thank you for your effort and keep up the good work, Sue-go!

Self-Defense Techniques for Kids

Here are links to the kid’s techniques for December 2022 testing.

Beginner (for no belts to orange belts)
Intermediate (for orange to light blue belts)
Advanced (for light blue to brown belts)

Testing will be the week of December 12th.  I am not sure that we will be doing morning testing that Saturday (the 17th), but my guess is no.  Let’s plan on finishing up testing in class the week of the 12th and if need be the following week.  If you have any questions please email, message, text, or call.

The 2022 Costume Contest Winners!

As always, it wasn’t an easy job, but my wife and I picked our favorites.  We have four categories:  scariest, funniest, cutest/coolest, and best group picture. This year, only the winners will be getting prizes and those will be TKD-related (striking targets, uniform, TKD shoes, etc.).  I will be talking with all of the winners and their parents the next time I see them.

Next year we will do a Jack-o-lantern carving contest instead of a costume contest… or maybe in addition?  Guess we’ll see.  Anyhoot, thank you to everyone who participated this year, and congratulations to all the winners!

The winners!

Scariest = The mummy.

Funniest = Banana with a unicorn on its back.

Cutest/Coolest (this one was really hard) = Eleven.

Best group picture = Two ninjas protecting their younger sister from another warrior lol!

The Runner-Ups!

Runners up for scariest
= Ghoul/Death/Ghost of Christmas Future and spooky skeleton.

Runners up for funniest =Person being taken by an alien.

Runners up for cutest/coolest = Mr. Spock, Link, and Raggedy Ann.

Runners up for best group = Death & Link.

Reminders and Updates

YMCA Class Cancelations

Just a reminder that there be No Class on Monday, October 31st.  I hope that everyone who is trick-or-treating that day/night has a safe and awesome time!  Kids don’t forget to pay the “Parent Candy Toll”.

YMCA students should also take note that there will be No Cass on Wednesday, November 2nd.  The YMCA is having its formal reopening of the indoor pool and will be using Studio A.

Costume Contest Reminder!

There is still time to get your pictures in!  I took some great shots at the Kid’s Halloween Party and I’m looking forward to seeing all of those that get sent in.

Speaking of the Halloween Party, I wanted to give a huge Thank You to everyone who came!  It was a lot of fun and I hope you all enjoyed it!  Sorry if I was unable to chat, the kids and party keep me pretty busy.  Can’t wait for next year’s party!

Halloween Party & Costume Contest!

Bulsajo Kid’s Halloween Party!

There will be no classes on Thursday, October 27th due to our Kid’s Halloween Party.  The party will run from 5:30 to 7:00 (possibly 7:30).  Kids can wear a costume (preferably something they can run and play in).  Parents, if you all could bring some treats to share that would be awesome!  I am not going to start a potluck list or anything, just bring whatever you like (please bring leftovers home with you).  I will supply plates, napkins, utensils, and cups.  I will also bring in some cider for either a cold or hot beverage! 

The kids can expect to be able to run around like crazy, play games (including dodgeball), and watch a short movie.  We traditionally watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”.  There will be a few awesome opportunities to take spooky pictures for fun or for our annual costume contest as well!  Cecil the dragon will also be there of course.  Don’t know who Cecil is?  Well, you’ll just have to come to meet him.  There might be a few other creepy guests this year as well. 

Bulsajo TKD Annual Costume Contest!

This contest is for ALL students, young and old.  Just take a picture of yourself, your kids, or your family in a costume and send it in.  Kids at the Halloween party can have their pictures taken for the contest while at the party.  All pictures must be in by midnight on Oct. 31st.  We’ll announce the winners by the end of the day on Nov. 2nd.

Please send your pictures to:  BulsajoTKD@gmail.com
Subject:  Costume Contest

The winners of the contest will get some awesome training gear!  Example prizes include striking paddles, TKD shoes, uniforms, sparring gear, etc.  Don’t need a new uniform or striking paddle?  No worries, we’ll figure out a cool prize for you!

If you have any questions about the party or contest, please let me know via email at BulsajoTKD@gmail.com, FB messenger, or Text/Phone call at 603-703-1914.

October News 2022

September Testing!

Just wanted to take a minute to tell everyone who tested, Congratulations!  You all did a great job and I am honored to have you all as my students.  Keep up the good work and get ready for the next test in December 2022!

Tiger An’s TKD Tournament

In early September we were invited to the Tiger An’s Poomsae & Breaking Tournament.  I was very happy to be invited and let Grandmaster Richard An know that we would try to get at least one competitor there, and we did!  Master Nathan, who trains at the Parks & Rec., decided it was time to give tournaments another go before he gets too busy.  He chose poomsae and worked really hard to improve his forms for the tournament.

 All of his work paid off and he won 2nd place in his division.  Congratulations Nathan and thank you for representing our school at the tournament!  I also want to say thank you to Instructor Jim who drove Nathan and me down to Tyngsboro!

The next tournament will be in March of next year, I would really like to have more of our students participate.  Tiger An’s create a fun environment for their tournaments which makes them a great first-time tournament!  So if you or your child is interested, we can start planning now.

Left to right:  Instructor Jim, Master Nathan, Master Andy

Halloween Party!

I am very happy to announce that we will have our annual Halloween Party again!  This year I am thinking that we will hold it in place of classes near the end of the month.  Currently, the tentative date is Thursday, October 27th.  What I am curious about however is what is a good time, I don’t want to make it too late for the kids.  Would 5:30 to 7:00 be a good time for kids?  After the kid’s party, I’m thinking a movie night for teens and adults could be fun.  If for some reason we can’t figure out a good time for a party, we can do a Halloween Family Movie night instead.  

Please let me know what you think!

We will still do a costume contest this year as well.  So if you can’t make the party/possible movie night, you could still send in pictures to enter the contest. 

That’s all for now, please be on the lookout for more information soon! 

Tiger An’s Tournament!

Had a great time at the Tiger An’s Tae Kwon Do tournament this last Saturday (Oct. 1st)! Thank you to the An family for the invite, thank you to everyone who helped run the event, and congratulations to everyone who competed! Thank you to Instructor Jim and Master Nathan who also helped out today, and a special congratulations to Master Nathan who took 2nd place in his poomsae division!

YMCA Class Update for 9/16/22

YMCA Students!

Last Friday and earlier this week, I let you know that we would not be having class tomorrow, September 16th.  Plans have changed and Class Is Back On!  I look forward to seeing everyone in class tomorrow who would normally go to class on Friday.  

You may have gotten a phone call from the YMCA already letting you know.  I am sorry this is the soonest I was able to get this newsletter/post out.

Anyhoot, see you in class!
Master Andy

PS:  There is still a bit of time to sign up and get ready for the Tiger An’s In-House Poomsae and Breaking Tournament!  Just let me know!