December News 2023


December testing is VERY quickly approaching (the week of December 11th), that’s next week!  With the YMCA having its interim week the following week, as well as us having a lot of people testing this time around, we’ll be having the second part of testing at the Goffstown Parks & Rec. December 16th. For those who don’t know, part one testing consists of basics and self-defense, while part two testing will be forms, sparring, and breaking only.

The kids testing on the 16th will start at 10am and the adult testing will start at noon.  Please make sure to bring water, and sparring gear (if you do contact sparring), and be sure to wear your full uniform (if you have one).  Arrival time for the kids is ideally 9:45am so we can start right at 10am.  Part one testing during the week will be during normal class times.


  • Part one testing = normal times during the week.
  • Part two testing = Goffstown Parks & Rec. Saturday, December 16th.
  • Part two testing for kids starts at 10am.
  • Part two testing for adults starts at approximately 12pm.
  • Bring water, a full uniform, and sparring gear.

Goffstown Parks & Rec. address = 155 S. Mast Street. Goffstown, NH 03045

Make-Up Testing

Make-up testing will be on Tuesday, December 19th & Thursday, December 21st at the Goffstown Parks & Rec.  There will also be make-up testing at the YMCA on Friday, December 22nd.  Otherwise, make-up testing will have to wait until the new year.  If you miss make-up testing, please be sure to keep up your practice during the week of Christmas.

Winter Break

Speaking of Christmas, we’ll be taking the week of December 25th off at the Goffstown Parks & Rec and coming back to classes on Thursday, January 4th, 2024.  YMCA students, it would seem there is a nearly three-week interim starting December 17, 2023, and ending January 7th, 2024.  That means, I think, that the next session at the YMCA doesn’t start until January 8th, 2024.

YMCA students are more than welcome to come to classes at the Parks & Rec during the interim.  See our website for the Parks & Rec Schedule.

Tuition & Testing Fee

Just a friendly reminder to Parks & Rec students/families, it is now December, and tuition is due.  Please and thank you! An additional reminder, and good information for new students, there is a $15 fee for belt testing, please don’t forget. For bodans and black belts doing refresher testing, your fee is $10. Please and thank you!

No Classes at the YMCA today, 11/10/2023

The YMCA is closed today for its annual In-Service Day.  Classes missed today will be added to the Interim Week for make-up I believe.  

I also want to take this chance to tell all of the Veterans we may have as students, and or family of students, thank you for your service.  I hope you have a great Veterans Day and weekend!

Costume Contest Winners!!

As always, this was not easy to decide, but we managed it.  We ended up splitting the “Cute & Cool” category into two categories to make things easier.  A big thank you to Instructor Jim and his wife Sara for helping to decide this year’s winners.

First up, the Scariest
(Only one entry that really fits this category.)

Emeric in dino form!

Up next, the Funniest! 
(Again, no runners-up for this one.)

Instructor Jesse & Draken the dino riders, and Rowyn Moon!  Funny family picture!

Next up, Cutest!
(Tie for this one!)

Veronica Adams and Alina the Witch!

On to the Coolest!

Bradley as the Joker!

Runner Ups! (Kylo Declan, Owen the Hunter, and Caelyn Potter)

Lastly, our best group pictures!

Daphanie/Octavia with Scooby and the gang!

Runner Up! Pumpkin Declan and sister!

Thank you to everyone who participated!!!  Sorry, it took a little longer to get the results out!  I will be talking with the winners when I see them next to figure out their prizes!  Great job everyone!

Costume Contest Update

Hi everyone, I have all of the pictures separated into categories and some of the winners picked, but one of the categories is really difficult to choose from!  So tonight, I will have one of my instructors help me choose the final winner.  I will send out another email tonight with all of the winners listed.  For prizes, all the winners will get TKD equipment/gear depending on what they want/need (uniforms, striking paddles, shields, blockers, etc.).

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the contest this year!  You all rock!

Weapons Class

Since I canceled classes on Tuesday due to Halloween, the weapons class was also canceled.  However, there is a spot open in our schedule for it to be held tonight for a make-up.  So all weapon class students are welcome to come in for weapons class from 6:15 to 7:00 (our normal time). Additionally, any student 12 and older who would like to try it, is allowed to come and give it a shot for free.  So if you ever wanted to learn how to use a sword, now is a good chance to try it out! 

Costume Contest!

Just a reminder that you still have time to send in pictures for our annual costume contest!  Pictures must be sent to (subject: costume contest) by midnight of October 31st.  Each category will have one winner and one runner-up.  Winners/runner-ups will be announced on November 2nd.  Winners will receive some TaeKwonDo/Martial Arts training equipment!

Also, I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone who came to our kid’s Halloween Party! Next year we will have more activities and games instead of a movie.  Thank you again, everyone!

Halloween Party & Costume Contest!

I am still not sure what movie we will watch, but that will be part of the fun.  I will have a couple of photo-op stations for kids/students to take pictures for the Costume Contest.  This event is free and as I said in the last newsletter, I only ask that everyone bring some kind of treat/drink to share.  Kids should also make sure that they can run and play in their costumes.

As you can see in the picture above, we have many categories that students can choose from or be inspired by.  As a general tip for everyone, the more work and care you put into the photo the better.  Think about things like your pose and what background you use.  (I will have a couple of cool background setups at the Halloween party).

Pictures should be sent to with the subject being “Costume Contest” by midnight of October 31st.  Winners will be announced by November 2nd.  Each category has only one winner and one runner-up.  Prizes are usually TKD/Korean-based, but if I find something cool/unique, I may change it up.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

October News 2023


Just a simple shout-out to everyone who tested at our September testing and earned their new belts!  Munsay (victory) everyone!  This was a strong test and everyone should be very proud of how they did.  Now it’s time to get back to work as the December test will approach quickly!  December testing will be the week of December 11th, with the following week being used for makeup testing.  See you in class everyone!

Tuition and Testing Fee Reminder.

Just a quick reminder that it’s now October and tuition is due at the Parks & Rec.  In addition, please check the testing forms to see if you were marked as having paid.  I may have missed a few here and there (just let me know), but otherwise, some of you still owe the testing fee.  Please and thank you.

Spooky Fun at the Kid’s Halloween Party!

There will be no classes on Thursday, October 26th at the Parks & Rec. due to our Kid’s Halloween Party.  The party will run from 5:30 to 7:00 (possibly 7:30).  Kids are encouraged (and parents) to wear a costume (preferably something they can run and play in).  Parents, if you all could bring some treats to share that would be awesome!  I am not going to start a potluck list or anything, just bring whatever you like (please bring leftovers home with you).  I will supply plates, napkins, utensils, and cups.  I will also bring in some cider for either a cold or hot beverage! 

For our movie, I am thinking of watching something different this year, either Hocus Pocus or The Halloween Tree.  For those of you who are curious if we will be doing a costume contest this year, the answer is yes and I will have more details soon.

Halloween Party Date/Time/Location Reminder:
Thursday, October 26th from 5:30 to 7:00 PM at the Goffstown Parks & Rec.

September Testing 2023

WOW!  Testing is next week!
Just wanted to shoot out the normal reminder that testing will be held at our normal class times and locations.  The entire week is testing, with the following week being make-up testing.  There are not a ton of students testing at either location, so we will not be doing a Saturday testing at the Parks & Rec.  I am hopeful that our December testing will see greater numbers and allow us to hold a fun, big test at the Parks & Rec!

If your child hasn’t earned their gold stripe yet, no worries, I can check their material before class and if they are good to go, I’ll give them their stripe and fill out a testing sheet for them.  If they need a bit more time, no worries either, that is what make-up testing week is for.

Special note for kids who have sparring gear, please bring it next week.

Have a great weekend everyone and see you next week for testing!

No Classes Today 8/31/23


Unfortunately, there will be no classes today (8/31/23) at the Goffstown Parks & Recreation.  This is due to a car accident that I was in yesterday.  I am fine, but have decided to take the night off from classes.  All classes, at both locations, will resume next week starting on Tuesday (Parks & Rec.) and Wednesday (YMCA Allard Center).

I hope everyone has a great weekend, Labor Day, and is ready to get back to class next week!