Our curriculum changes per week from a “Basics” week to a “Sparring” week.  Usually, the first and third week of every month is a “Basics” week.  During these weeks we focus on basics, self-defense, and forms.  The second and fourth week of every month is a “Sparring” week.  During these weeks we focus on footwork, putting our basics to function, self-defense, and sparring.  This way all students get the benefits-focused training on either basics or sparring without having to change what days a week they train.

Please note that self-defense can and often is, practiced every week with one method or another.  Bulsajo TaeKwonDo tries to focus on character development and self-defense. We see the benefit of athletic achievement in flashy techniques but put our trust in basics for real self-defense.  We also see the benefit of sports competition for life lessons, but do not want to change our way of training to fit sports rules or esthetics.  Bulsajo TKD’s curriculum is a flexible one and Master Andy is always trying to find ways to improve the curriculum while keeping with the core values of TKD.

Please note:  Students are not allowed to do contact sparring until orange belt (approximately nine months of training) unless they have enough previous experience from another school/similar style.

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