Bodan/Dan Terms & Knowledge

Bodan and Dan Terminology and Knowledge

Terminology & Knowledge:  Page 1 & Page 2.

Below are the questions from the Dan Testing Sheet. Many of the answers will be “in your own words”.
Be sure to study the previous terminology & knowledge sheets. For Bodan and Dan testing, students are
allowed to answer all the questions at home. Your instructors and or master may ask you any of the
questions from your sheet at testing.

In what years was TKD an exhibition sport in the Olympics and where?  1988 Seoul / 1992 Barcelona

Why did you start learning martial arts?  In your own words.

What are martial arts?  In your own words.

Name three or more ancient Korean martial arts.  Subak, TaekKyeon, Yusul, Gwonbeop, Ssireum

What are some of the differences between TKD and other martial arts similar to TKD?  Name of the style. Country of origin. Different forms. Different rules and regulations for their sport versions.

Give an example of an obstacle you had to overcome while training:  In your own words.

Name something that you still struggle with in training and your plan to overcome that struggle:  In your own words.

How has training in martial arts improved your life?  In your own words.

Why do we do creative poomse?  A form created by advanced students to express who they are through TKD.

What does training in martial arts mean to you?  In your own words.

What is the meaning of Um & Yang?  In your own words. (Please ask Master Andy if you are not sure)

What are The Five Codes of TaeKwonDo?  1. Loyalty to Country. 2. Obedience to Parents. 3. Honor Friendship.  4. No Retreat in Battle. 5. In Fighting: Choose with Sense and Honor.

What are The Five Elements of TaeKwonDo Leadership?  Chi = Knowledge. Shin = Credibility. Inn = Virtue. Yong = Courage. Um = Discipline.

What is your current goal in training? In your own words.

Be sure to look over the Gup Terminology & Knowledge as well.