Weapons Class

Bulsajo MooSulDo Weapons

The goal of this class to teach it’s participants a basic understanding of fighting (with or without weapons), the basic use of ancient weapons like the sword, how they apply to actual fighting, and to have fun with friendly competition using soft/padded weapons.

Weapons/Weapon Sets:

  1. One handed sword (arming sword, saber).
  2. Sword (one handed) & shield.
  3. Two handed sword (longsword, katana).
  4. Polearm weapons (two handed axe, quarter staff, glaive)

Classes consist of a very light warm up, footwork, weapon basics (guard, blocks, strikes), pell (heavy bag) work, partner drills, and sparring (after at least one month of training). This class isn’t a deep dive into all of the intricacies of ancient weapons, but a basic overview to help students get into the fun of sparring and competing in the “soft-kit” side of Armored Combat Sports.

Our weapons class is held every Tuesday at the Goffstown Park & Rec. from 6:15 PM to 7:00 PM. For current students of Bulsajo TaeKwonDo the cost is an additional $30 a month. For those who want to learn weapons only, the cost is $60 a month. For more information, please contact Master Andy at: BulsajoTKD@gmail.com