Belts, Sparring, and Tuition

Hi there everyone!

The long wait for belts is over! With make-up testing being mostly done, good luck to those who still need to test, we will be awarding belts this week! In addition to belts, students who completed testing will have a graded testing form given back to them. Please do not lose this as it lets you know how well you did (or not) in several aspects of training.

Normally, the week after testing is a “basics” week, but I think we should get back to sparring this week. If you have sparring gear, please bring it to class. If you wish to get gear and / or need new gear, please speak with me.

Lastly, I just wanted to remind Parks&Rec students that it is now July and tuition is due. Please and thank you.

YMCA Class Update for July 3rd, 2023

Classes are a go for tonight! (July 3rd, 2023)

Hey there folks, I checked in with the YMCA and was told that they are indeed running programs tonight.  So it looks like I will be coming in for classes today. If you are going to miss class, no worries, you can make up class later in the week on Wednesday and or Friday, or come to the Parks & Rec. on Thursday.

My apologies for any confusion, and I hope to see our Monday students later on today and tonight!


Last week’s testing/Outdoor testing was awesome!  Thank you to everyone who was able to come on Saturday.  For those of you who still need to finish testing, that will be done this week in your normal class times.  If for some reason you can make it this week (holiday week), we’ll finish up your testing next week.

Testing results will either be by the end of this week, so some students can finish their testing or next week.  This was a pretty strong testing and everyone did an awesome job!  Thank you for your effort in class and be sure to keep it up! 

Testing Reminders for the June 2023 Outdoor Testing

The weather is looking good for Outdoor Testing!  I will check the weather again in the morning just in case. If it is raining, we will cancel and finish testing next week at our normal class times.

Part 2 of the June testing is tomorrow!  We will be testing on Poomsae, Sparring (3 step sparring), and Breaking.  If you, or you child are testing, please remember the below:

  • The test will be held at the Goffstown Parks & Rec.  155 S Mast St, Goffstown, NH 03045
  • Testing STARTS at 10am, please arrive before then. Testing should be over by 12pm.
  • Either wear your full dobok (uniform), or the pants and a Bulsajo shirt or plain t-shirt.  If you don’t have a uniform yet, please wear comfortable workout clothing.  Don’t forget your current belt.
  • If you are doing contact sparring, please bring your sparring gear.
  • We will be testing outside in the grass/dirt, so sneakers are a good idea.  Flip flops are NOT a good idea.  So either sneakers, or barefoot.  For sparring:  TKD shoes or barefoot only.
  • Please bring a towel (for sweat and or the water war).  
  • Please use sunblock.
  • Please bring water to drink at testing.
  • If you are participating in the water war, please bring a change of clothing (and a towel).  Also, please do not walk through the Parks & Rec. building while wet, the floor will become slick and either you, or someone else could get hurt.
  • Potluck; if you can bring something, please do.  If not, no worries.  I will try to have some tables set up outside.

Goodluck to everyone who is testing!

Class Cancelation Notice

All classes are canceled on July 4th.  Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!

June Testing / Outdoor Testing!

Testing is nearly here!  This is the week that the kids have to earn their Gold Stripes and testing sheets!  Adult students, if I haven’t given you your testing sheet, please let me know in class.  Good luck to all the kids this week!

Testing will be held in class, at our normal class times, and during the week of the 26th (next week).  Part two testing (forms, sparring, and breaking) will be held on Saturday, July 1st, at the Goffstown Parks & Rec.  Students who can’t go to the Outdoor testing will finish their test in class during testing week, or the following week (make-up testing week).  Saturday’s testing will begin at 10am, so please be there by 9:45am.  Below is the Goffstown Parks & Rec. address for those who might need it.

155 S Mast St, Goffstown, NH 03045

During the week of testing, I would like those of you who have full doboks (uniforms) to wear them, please.  Those of you who don’t, can just wear comfortable workout clothes, or speak with me about getting a uniform (if I have it in stock, it’s yours).  During the outdoor part of testing, students who are testing can wear a plain t-shirt/Bulsajo t-shirt instead of their uniform top.  But please wear dobok pants if you have them.  Also, those of you who will be sparring, don’t forget about your sparring gear.  Water and a sweat towel are also good to have for everything that is testing. 

Potluck at the Outdoor Testing

Our Outdoor Testing event is also a BBQ PotLuck event and has been a success at all previous events.  I am asking students and their families to please bring something to share at the event.  I will post a Potluck List on our Facebook page for folks to sign up.  Those of you who don’t use Facebook, need only to ask me, and I will let you know what the current list is.  I will of course update it once I know what you are bringing as well.  Among the things we will need, will be some portable grills and more importantly, folks to man them. Be on the lookout for the list, please.

Water Fight at the Outdoor Testing

We also have a water fight at the testing and those who want to participate should bring a change of clothes and a towel.  Normally we do water balloons, but this year I would like to try something different.  I will bring a bunch of “water weapons” (I don’t know what these things are called actually), and kids are welcome to bring their own as well.  Parents, please speak with your kids about proper play with them, and don’t bring any super expensive toys (no pool noodles either please).

I think that is it, so, to recap:

  • Testing week is the week of June 26th.
  • Part two testing/Outdoor Testing is Saturday, July 1st.  It will be held at the Goffstown Parks & Rec.  155 S Mast St, Goffstown, NH 03045
  • Testing starts at 10am so please arrive by 9:45am.
  • Those who are testing on sparring, please bring your gear.
  • T-shirts with uniform pants are okay for Outdoor Testing, but full uniforms during the week.
  • Please bring something to share for our potluck.  Ask me for the list and or check it out on Facebook.
  • If you have anything questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Reminder for YMCA Students

There will be classes this Friday, June 23rd. 

Use the day to rest and have fun… or practice for testing next week!  Also, you should be able to sign up for classes now at the YMCA.  Please and thank you.

No Classes Today 06/15/23

P&R Students

Sorry for the short notice everyone, but I am canceling classes today at the Goffstown Parks & Rec. Classes will be back to our regular schedule next week.  Again, my apologies.

YMCA Students

Just a reminder that there will be no classes Friday, June 23rd.  I am heading up to Stowe Vermont to perform at the VT Ren Faire on the 24th and 25th.  Thank you for your understanding.

In the meantime, just a reminder that testing is the week of June 26th at our regular class times.  The second part of testing (forms, sparring, and breaking) will be done on Saturday, July 1st at the Goffstown Parks & Rec.  This is followed by a BBQ potluck and water fight.

I will send out another email/make another post about the Outdoor Testing soon.  Thank you for your patience.

Last Weekend, Coming Up!

As many of you know, I help to put on a little event each year called, The New Hampshire Renaissance Faire (NHRF). Every May, for two weekends we put on this event to help raise money for the NH Food Bank & the Rockingham County Meals on Wheels. The last weekend is coming up! If you have nothing to do this weekend and want something fun and different to experience, NHRF might be just the thing! For more information (or even to buy tickets online) please visit Hope to see you there!

Tournament Update!

Tournament Update!

We are moving Fast here folks! Demo teams are checking in and their competition will be starting soon. The 11:30 arrival time should still be okay, but I would come earlier if you can.

I have everyone’s boards, and I am eager to see you all!

Important Information about the Tournament!

U.S. Olympic TKD Championship Information.

Here is some important information for you all of you who are going to the tournament this weekend.

  • Bring cash. The entrance fee for spectators, food, etc., will be cash only. The entrance fee for spectators is $10 a person.
  • The viewing area for spectators is a 360-degree balcony around the gym/competition floor. There is no seating, so, you are all being encouraged to bring folding chairs/camping chairs so that you can sit if you would like. My apologies folks, I just found this out.
  • Families with children competing in the tournament should try to arrive by 11:30 am. Please remember, white uniforms (color belts) and black belt uniforms only. No shoes while competing.
  • Have a question? Call or text (preferred) at 603-703-1914
  • For more information about viewing the tournament and parking, please watch this video.

Class Cancelations at the YMCA


No classes today, Monday the 1st, and Wednesday the 3rd.

Looks like the YMCA has to cancel our Monday & Wednesday classes this week.  They had some schedule issues, but I am not sure of more than that.  We will do make-up classes for these cancelations during the interim for this session.  Classes for this Friday are a go!

In addition, Friday, May 12th there will be no classes.  This is due to the NH Renaissance Faire and set/preparation for it.  For those of you who don’t know, I am on the board of directors for the faire and also a performer.  Lots to do in the next couple of weeks.  Those classes can be made up during the interim as well.

Tiger An’s Tournament

This weekend!  Please come show your support for our students!  

The New Hampshire Renaissance Faire!

May 13th, 14th, 20th, & 21st 2023. 10 am to 5 pm.

The NH Renaissance Faire is a family-friendly, educational, theatrical, and fantastical event held in gorgeous, Fremont, NH.  Head over to our website to buy your tickets now!  Tickets can also be purchased at the faire.  Come join the adventure!